About Terri Crinnion, CPA


About Terri Crinnion, CPA


Terri Crinnion, CPA
May 1994 – Present

Tax Manager
Cothran & Johnson, An Accountancy Corp
January 1986 – May 1994

Golden Gate University, MBA Taxation



I have worked with Terri for last 4 years. She is very efficient and knowledgeable regarding “Not-for-profit-organization”, easily accessible, professional and accommodating.  I have reached out to her multiple times regarding some questions we might have as Board and I found her answers insightful and practical and helped us as Board to implement the procedures recommended. She is great part of our team.  Being a volunteer my service hours are not regular. I have emailed Terri at all odd hours and have always had responses within 12 hours. I have reached out to her via phone and had similar experience.  I really appreciate Terri’s checklist that helps us to organize all the data needed to file tax returns but also to ensure that we are also maintaining that information regularly. In fact I like them so much that they are now part of our policy and procedures in our Treasurer’s binder to help us remember all the tasks that need to be done.  When I receive the completed tax returns I like how well they are organized. All I need to do after I receive them is review, sign and mail them.  The envelopes are already labeled, copies are already made and are conveniently in a file. No running for office supplies on the day of mailing.    Pricing of services provided are very reasonable.  I have always felt that I received  a quality product for the  price paid.  I would recommend her services to everyone.
Officer, Non-Profit Organization, San Ramon, CA

Terri has been handling my tax returns since 1996.  She was recommended to me by a family CPA friend when I needed to file an estate return for our family.  Terri worked closely with our attorney and filed the return with great efficiency.  I was so impressed with Terri’s work that from that point on I have had her file my personal and family trust returns.  Recently, I needed to file return for my father’s estate, and again Terri’s work was top notch.  I have recommended Terri to a number of friends and coworkers, and they all have been very impressed with Terri’s service.
—Personal Tax Client, Trustee, Walnut Creek, CA

Terri Crinnion is an experienced CPA who has been taking care of my tax returns and giving me tax advice for over 20 years. She did my mother's returns, her estate returns, and has been doing the returns of my two children for over 10 years too.  She is very professional, great at follow up, detail-oriented and a delight to work with. She is completely ethical and trustworthy-in short, I have been and am fortunate to have her as my CPA and advisor. She keeps up with the changes in the tax codes and laws-I am glad that she is younger than I am, so that I can continue to work with her for many years to come.
Personal Tax Client, Trustee, Oakland, CA

It is a genuine pleasure to sing Terri Crinnion’s praises. For over three decades, we have relied on Terri to handle our complicated tax situation, which spans two states and multiple income sources. We have also recommended Terri to friends and relatives, who thank us profusely for the favor. Her care, dedication, and good cheer continue to help all of us through the stress of "tax time" – an annual event that I would not want to face without her.
Personal Tax Client, Brooklyn NY

Terri Crinnion has prepared my taxes for a number of years. She is very organized, efficient, and knowledgeable. Terri is always up to date on all the current tax laws and changes. Her end of the year tax preparation materials, instructions, and tax law updates make information gathering and recording easy. Recently I retired and Terri helped me plan for my retirement. She consulted with me on tax planning, options, and projections. Terri answers all inquiries promptly. I have total confidence in Terri in assisting me with all of my tax and retirement matters.

Personal Tax Client, Pleasanton, CA


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